RWorld sticks are affordable, durable, hand-crafted in our San Clemente, 6500 square foot surfboard factory by guys who actually surf. RWorld boards are designed to deliver best-in-class performance.

We believe in the waterman mentality that if there is water, there should someone riding a board on it. We don’t discriminate between the type of board it is. We have everything from potato chip shorties for 60 pounder groms,  to SUPs and tandem boards for those who want to dominate in the lineup…and everything in between.

R-shortboards go from very traditional, retro styles to cutting edge modern models. We have mid-sized fun boards, like the Daytripper and the Nomad. We also have big wave boards, like the SuperHero Gun, which slices and dices the waves like a samari sword.

R-longboards are so versatile; you can ride them just about anywhere.